Winnipeg Blogs

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There's lots of blogs in Winnipeg, so I thought I would do a list of some of the better ones.

These are presented in no particular order and just a few worth a visit...

Winnipeg Winters

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Our first official snowfall of 2010 came late this year. Half way through November to be precise. Does this mean we can expect a short winter?

Winnipeg winters are notorious for being cold. We might be the coldest city on the planet.

And yet we're slurpee capital of the world. Something doesn't add up.

Winnipeg Stadium

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The new stadium construction costs seem to be a bit off. Originally suggested at $115 million, it's now said that it will cost more like $160 million. Tax payers are not to happy, especially considering the size of the discrepancy. That's almost a 30% difference!

What's with all the condos?! Driving around in certain areas there's huge lots of land with new condo projects popping up around Winnipeg.

There's an interesting new development coming on North Main street, kind of a surprising spot to develop, but the land must be cheap. Would you want to shop there? Link

The new Winnipeg stadium is confirmed to being developed at University of Manitoba and should be complete by 2012.

And some of Winnipeg's most popular radio stations are moving to the former CTV building at Polo Park after almost 48 years on Portage ave.

And that big credit union on Lagimodiere is looking cool. I bet that area could develop some more. I don't understand why they don't expland Kildonan Place though. They could use a chapters or some kind of decent bookstore in the area.

Winnipeg - A New Record

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Winnipeg has a new crowning acheivement to add. In addition to being the slurpee capital, among other things, Winnipeg has organized the making of the world's largest bowl of oatmeal!

Coordinated by Agriculture In The Classroom, together with Agriculture and Agri-food Canada, it will take place at the The Forks.

The massive bowl is twice as big as the previous record (set in UK last year) and provided between three and four thousand servings.

Winnipeg Thaw

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Winnipeg is a buzzing with spring in the air. Half the teens are wearing tshirts, even if its only around zero, they don't waste any time.

The ever distant honk from the odd goose is a welcome sign, almost symbolizing the change of seasons as they return to the North.

Which also means cottage country will be in full swing soon!

Winnipeg Cyclist Radar

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The City of Winnipeg announced its new Safe Cycling program, which includes photo radar for cyclists. The program also includes making helmets mandatory while riding a bicycle, and bringing back the bicycle license plate. Although cyclists do not have to be insured like motorists, they will need to be registered.

In a related story, the above is just a joke. But police have introduced a bike speed camera on a waterfront promenade in the UK to catch cyclists going over 10mph due to a little girl being hit by a cyclist and received a "cut to the head". Since they can't ticket or fine them, they just give them a "stern talking to".